Our Care Pax


Being diagnosed with cancer is already stressful and isolating. Undergoing chemotherapy treatment is already terrifying and wavering. Navigating through it all during a global pandemic is…well, unimaginable. Our care packages are needed now more than ever. Cancer doesn’t stop.


Half of the battle in mental and we have always relied heavily on human contact – especially when frightened and anxious in a world that has become unrecognizable. Many people undergoing chemotherapy have an already weakened immune system, so social isolation is imperative when there’s a highly contractable pandemic among us. Their six-hour treatment sessions are done alone in a hospital. They haven’t been able to receive a hug from their loved ones in a year. Their mental health is deteriorating, and their physical health is constantly being compromised.


For when a physical hug isn’t possible, it’s important that you keep their spirits up with the next best thing – a backpack full of happies. Even the smallest act of kindness can make someone’s day.

Contents Include:

- Cozy Blanket

- Inflatable Neck Pillow

- Pellet Ice Tray

- Tumbler

- Ginger Drops

- Guided Imagery Sound Therapy

- Game Book

- Traveling Pax Journal

- My Chemo Cocktail & Me: Bringing Order, Peace & Joy to a Twisted Adventure.

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