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At just 32 years old, Sharon was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her diagnosis was followed by several surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and then reconstruction. When her doctor asked if she’d like to know the survival rate for her particular cancer, she politely declined the offer and was never tempted by curiosity to look it up herself. That’s Sharon; unlike any person you’d ever meet, but the type of person you want in your life – optimistic, inspiring, encouraging, giving, full-of-love and so incredibly strong. 

Throughout her entire cancer journey, Sharon didn’t allow anything to change who she was at her core. Instead, she accepted the fact that changes to the course of her life were inevitable and decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Always one for reflection, she’d find herself lingering on her personal chemo experience and how it could have been better – not just for her, but for others too.  She was mindful to the fact that there are so many “if factors” that are out of anyone’s control but was also aware of a few “if factors” that were within our control – that’s how the idea for the first "backpax" came to fruition. 

Sharon started a movement with Lucy by her side, becoming the co-founders of Care Pax, as well as co-authors of My Chemo Cocktail & Me. Together, they were spreading hope and support to woman all over the country with their Got Your Back Pax Support Systems

Life is short and sweet. In February of 2019, Sharon unexpectedly passed away in a car accident. Both Lucy and the company took some time to heal their hearts after Sharon's death. One morning, Lucy received a beautiful sign from her guardian angel, Sharon, telling her to carry on with their mission. This is why we created Care Pax & Friends — in loving memory of our dear friend and in support of women undergoing chemotherapy everywhere.

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